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Wuhan Scramp Robotics Technology Co.Ltd

 SR Robotics is an integration manufacturer of motion control and robotics system, expertsed in and devoted to researches, developments and industrial manufacture of high-tech products related to motion control, robots, industrial applications and other fields. Our technical team has 12 years’ experience of delving into Servo Control and 7 years’ experience of developing robot applications, who also has a steady, deep cooperation relationship with the Technology University of Hamburg in Germany and the University of Bologna in Italy. The company manufactures products including 6-in-1 Servo Drive, 4-in-1 Servo Drive, Robot Controller,Servodrive, Integrated Servo Motor, Dexterous Hand, Gripper, Delta Robot, Scara Robot, Deburing Stations, PCB plate collecting machine etc.

 Our products are widely used in Robot Control Systems, expertsed in the following industrial areas: Printing technology, food industry, woodworking, glassmaking and polishing; Besides the above mentioned applied areas, our products are also used in scientific research institutes, aerospace institutes, underwater equipment or other fields and occupations.

 Our products own a great number of patents; we also provide our customers with a large number of software applications, including: robot simulation, dexterous hand movement simulation, voice control, torque control, control by mobile APP. When you are looking for a cost-effective, absolute low error rate automation program, please without any hesitation but to contact us directly at: www.scramp.cn


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